Texas brothers convert 30% more leads by staying on track with Google Apps

Google Docs is the perfect solution to work on projects without having to be in the same office...we’ve been able to convert 30% more leads in just a year.

- David Bullock, CFO

YETI Coolers has gone Google


Founded in 2005 by Texas brothers Roy and Ryan Seiders, Yeti Coolers offers extremely durable, super-insulated ice chests for serious outdoor enthusiasts. Roy first recognized the potential of a premium cooler while outfitting rugged coastal fishing boats as part of an early entrepreneurial endeavor. He couldn’t find a viable alternative to ordinary, thin-walled coolers so Roy decided to design his own. He recruited his brother to help and the duo came up with a new brand that consumers could easily associate with frigid toughness - the word yeti refers to an abominable snowman.

"Google Apps is a key element of our success and ability to manage rapid growth."

Certified grizzly proof, Yeti coolers are virtually indestructible and engineered for maximum ice retention. This extreme durability is benefiting everyone from hunters to tailgaters. Today, Yeti coolers are distributed through over 500 dealers across the country including primarily small, privately owned stores and a few large sporting good chains.

Personalized email

In the beginning, the small team at Yeti Coolers had a single Gmail account that everyone accessed, answering only the emails that were relevant to them. While not ideal, this worked when the company was just getting started. However, when David Bullock was hired as CFO, communications began to change. “We needed to plan for future growth and we wanted to look more professional with customized email addresses using yeticoolers.com,” David says. The future included using Google Apps to help the company operate more efficiently.

A new way to communicate

After switching to Google Apps and creating individual email accounts, each employee began to use the features in Gmail in a more personalized way. Some rely on stars to identify action items and others use labels to group emails similar to how it is accomplished with folders. The search functionality is especially useful for Roy. “I can’t necessarily remember what was mentioned three years ago but I can easily find the email conversation in seconds,” he explains. Employees also communicate throughout the day using the instant messaging feature integrated in Gmail.

The team uses Google Calendar to track internal and external meetings. Roy and David also track outdoor activities – Red Raider and Longhorn football schedules top the list. Deer season dates are added so everyone knows when Ryan will be unavailable.

Computing ROI

While most employees are based in Austin, Texas, the National Sales Director is located in North Carolina. “Google Docs is the perfect solution to work on projects without having to be in the same office,” David says. Google Docs is helping with a variety of tasks including management of the high volume of inquiries from dealers that want to resell Yeti coolers. David and team previously had no system to track, prioritize, and, most importantly, ensure follow-up with potential Yeti dealers. “By capitalizing on dealer inquiries in an organized, methodical way, we’ve been able to convert 30% more leads in just a year,” David explains.

Wildly successful

Yeti coolers are branded as being “wildly stronger” and their premium quality is attracting more and more consumers and distributors nationwide. The company continues to exceed revenue forecasts and is growing quickly, more than doubling in size each of the last two years. Roy says, “Google Apps is a key element of our success and ability to manage rapid growth. Simply put, it is a critical operating platform which we simply could not live without.”